PHAETON  Engineered without Compromise. 

Transparent Factory

The PHAETON was Handmade in the Tranparent Factory  ---Dresden, Germany

History of the Phaeton

The Phaeton was designed by Ferdinand Piëch, a Master Engineer, Winner of the Man of the Year award in 2011 ---Automobile Magazine, Winner of the "Car Executive of the Century", and currently the Chairman of the Volkswagon Group (which includes  AudiBentleyBugattiLamborghiniPorscheSEATŠkoda and Volkswagen).   Ferdinand Piëch has influenced the design of many historically significant cars, such as the Volkswagon Phaeton, Audi Quattro, and the Bugatti Veyron. (currently the fastest, street legal automobile in the world).


Why does this matter?


Because Ferdinand Piëch designed the Phaeton with one goal:

"The Phaeton will be the Best Car Ever Built"

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Famous Auto-Critic, Jeremy Clarkson (TV show: Top Gear),

Reviews the PHAETON       

...You Won't Be Disappointed.

Wow - Factor

  • Ferdinand Piëch spent $1,300,000,000.00 developing the Phaeton (Yes, the decimals are right...that's 1.3 Billion dollars).
    *It was later discovered that both the Bentley Continental GT and the Bentley Flying Spur would share much of the Exact Same Architecture (Same ...Engine, Transmission, 4Motion AWD, 18-way Heated, Cooled Seats with Massagers, Multimedia Infotainment System -Main Computer, Revolutionary 4-Zone Climate Control System, Dehumidifier, Audio (300-watt, 12-speaker, DSP - Digital Signal Processing System, Gear Box, Gauges, Dash Cluster, Safety System, Security System, and D1 Platform, just to name a few). 
  • Ferdinand Piëch demanded that his engineering team make the now infamous "Ten Parameters" a Reality for the Phaeton.  The parameters were said to be so impossible,  that when Piëch  revealed the 10 parameters, half of his engineering team said "it's impossible", and walked out. 
  • Only 1 of the parameters was ever made public:
    *Parameter #1 :  The Phaeton must be able to be driven all day at 186mph, in 120-degree weather, while maintaining a cabin temperature of 71.6-degrees!!!
  • The Phaeton's bonnet was designed to be driven at 190mph without a single vibration.
  • The Phaeton has been driven 201mph (when the electronic limiter was removed...see Video on this page of Jeremy Clarkson---Top Gear host).
  • ZF 6HP26 Transmission:  Only shared with the best: Volkswagen Phaeton,  Bentley Continental GTBentley Continental Flying SpurRolls-Royce Phantom to name a few.
  • Same 4.2L V8 Engine as the Audi A8, except more HP = 335 HP

Phaeton: "Over 100 New Patents"

  • Best 4Motion (All Wheel Drive) in the world
  • The innovative "Climatronic" air conditioning system, with four-zone temperature control, can be adjusted separately for each seating position and responds autonomously to changes in the direction of the sun and air humidity, meaning all settings are kept constantly at the desired levels.
  • Draft-Free Central Heating and Cooling
  • 4 Heated and Cooled Seats
  • Dehumidifier :  The Phaeton "Never" fogs up (see video)
  • 4-Massaging Seats
  • 4-Ride Settings from Comfort (drives softer than a Cadillac) to Sport 2 (Drives aggressive, tires secured to the road like an Audi) are Brilliant .  *Favorite Feature*
  • Multiple Ride Heights:  Ideal for high speeds, or for gravel, back roads
  • Continuous Dampening Control 
  • Maximum safety. Complete protection is something all the Phaeton's occupants can rely on. Its construction, featuring the use of 16 different metals and special plastics, offers the very best protection in terms of stability and crash safety, and unmatched levels of torsional rigidity (For the engineers:  it possesses torsional rigidity of 37,000 N·m/degree)  For the sake of Comparison: Lamborghini Gallardo is 23,000 Nm/degree; and the Ferrari 360 has 20,000 Nm/degree
  • The Phaeton's 18-way adjustable front seats feature electrically operated longitudinal, height, backrest and seat rake adjustment
  • The Phaeton is fitted with green-tinted heat-insulating two-layer safety glass, for example, to keep all ambient noise out of the vehicle

   Phaeton Accolades

  • Nominated "CAR OF THE YEAR" ---Motor Trend
  • "Everything a Luxury Car Should Be" ---Car and Drive
  • "Arguably the nicest interior available" ---Autoweek
  • "Perfect 10 of 10" (First in History ...1996)---Woman Motorist
  • "Most Secure Luxury Car" ---BIVSA

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Phaeton "Trunk Hinges"

An Example of Phaeton  (uncompromised) Engineering.


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